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Friday, August 14, 2009

8-14-09 Friday-night happy hours at Sutra in Costa Mesa

AfterWork: 'The Show' at Sutra in Costa Mesa

Early Friday-night dinner shows add to the usual late-night dance mix.

The Orange County Register

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

For Lori Brystan, it came from sheer boredom.

"I was pretty much bored in Orange County," the photographer and one-time model confessed. "And I don't think I was alone in being bored.

"Orange County desperately needs some passion, and I think I know how to bring some more passion to the county."

Brystan's answer to the boredom is "Show: The Supper Club," a weekly dinner show that is unlike anything you can find on the O.C. nightlife scene.

Although the show was unveiled several months ago at Code in Newport Beach, it has found a better fit at Costa Mesa's Sutra nightclub. The trendy nightspot has undergone a massive renovation during the last six months, and it now has a large stage that is perfect for bands and stage shows.

Fans of Sutra's dance scene need not worry. Brystan's show starts at 8 p.m., and ends at 9:30, just in time for the start of a typical night of dancing.

The theme of "Show: The Supper Club" changes every three weeks. The current show, which ends after this Friday, has an "Arabian Nights" theme, with a menu that matches the theme. This show will be followed Aug. 21 with a Bourbon Street speakeasy theme.

"I'll be honest with you," Brystan explained as belly dancers performed on stage behind her. "I have always wanted to go back in time, and these shows give me a chance to go back in time without ever having to leave Orange County.

"And that's important to me," she added. "I may have been bored here, but I don't like to drive somewhere else for a night of fun."

I should mention that I love the new Sutra. The dance floor has been expanded, and that annoyingly "cool" unisex bathroom sink area in on its way out. I never cared for it.

With the new large stage, Sutra has taken a serious plunge into the live-music pool, and the club will feature the '80s band the Spazmatics this Friday after the supper club.


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